How To Reduce Bloating

How To Reduce Bloating

The most common cause of bloating is too much food. For some, this happens only during the holiday season. However, nowadays people have complaints on a regular basis about the feeling of an inflated stomach. Bloating is rarely the effect of serious medical issues, but changes in the diet can make an incredible difference.

The first step to reduce bloating is to reduce the amount of food eaten in one meal. Eating smaller meals more often helps eliminate discomfort. People with an easily disturbed digestive system are the first to benefit from this method. If this doesn't work, ruling out intolerances to common foods or food allergies might. Lactose and gluten are the principal culprits. Nonetheless, one can be allergic to anything from eggs to strawberries. Therefore, paying attention to what we eat is as crucial as the amount we eat.

Many people experience bloating because they swallowed air while eating. If this is the case, one should avoid carbonated beverages as much as possible. Another thing which can lead to increased amounts of swallowed air is eating while talking or while in a hurry. Nowadays, there is a tendency to overlook proper chewing because the focus is on finishing everything faster - not a healthy path. People should take their time and enjoy their meals.

Choosing foods which tame the stomach and avoiding foods which cause gas is crucial. Foods which can lead to intestinal gas include cruciferous vegetables, legumes, dairy, starchy foods, fruits, artificial sweeteners, and whole grains. Meanwhile, fennel seeds, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger, lemons, green tea, mint, olive oil, bananas, and almonds soothe the stomach. It is not easy to pay attention to each ingredient especially when eating out. However, if bloating becomes an issue and the cause is hard to discover, keeping a food diary or journal of is highly recommended. Sometimes, the problem resides in the smallest details.

Taking probiotics or enzymes could also be very useful. Probiotics aid the bacterial environment in the gut, while enzymes break down certain food components. These supplements might take a while to work. In any case, they are not a cure for bloating. Their purpose is to ease its symptoms.

Finally, an inflated stomach might have an underlying cause. There are plenty of health issues which mimic the symptoms of bloating. The moment changing the diet doesn't help, the opinion of a specialist is required.