Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

The concept of labeling some foods as "Superfoods" is very popular nowadays. It's easy to read a blog listing superfoods, look at glamorous photos of them, swear to include them more in our diet, and then forget about them!

That's why we took a slightly different approach. In our app, we have included a list of them in our health guide as a reference, AND we have conveniently added them to our "Smart Storage" feature, which tracks missing foods from your storage and adds them automatically to your shopping cart. Our users now have no reason to forget!

Apart from what's mentioned in the health guide, we will focus in this article on sweet potatoes specifically. They help you prevent plenty of health issues, and contain high amounts of minerals and vitamins which are essential for your overall well being.

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Rich in Antioxidants

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), and a good source of vitamin C. However, if you opt for the purple-fleshed ones, you will benefit from much higher levels of antioxidants. Anthocyanin, cyanidin, and peonidin are abundant in purple-fleshed sweet potatoes. These pigments have healing properties and the ability to lower potential health risks posed by free radicals. Moreover, antioxidants are essential to prevent cancer cells from forming. [1] , [2]



Healthy Skin and Eyesight

Vitamin A and vitamin C are crucial for preventing eye disease and skin problems. There are studies which show that vitamin C is essential for collagen biosynthesis. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

You need ONLY ONE medium cooked sweet potato to provide your body with up to FOUR TIMES the amount of vitamin A required per day. That's a lot of bang for your buck! [1] , [2]



Lower Blood Pressure

According to The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, one sweet potato contains enough potassium to offset the effects of stress. Lower levels of stress are helpful in reducing high blood pressure, thus eliminating side effects such as digestive, neurological, and cardiovascular issues. [1]



Immune System Booster

All the components of sweet potatoes aid with a healthier immune system. The presence of antioxidants and minerals is vital for fighting autoimmune diseases and a variety of chronic illnesses.

The moment your body has enough nutrients to support your immunity, it will even be able to resist the common cold. Of course, nutrition alone cannot guarantee this. You need to get adequate sleep, reduce bad habits, maintain a healthy weight, and exercise regularly.



Blood Sugar Regulation

It is true that potatoes have a high glycaemic index. But, this applies only to white potatoes. Due to the high amounts of fiber found in sweet potatoes, which help steady the pace of digestion and prolong satiety, they have a medium glycaemic index, which keeps normal blood sugar levels, thus preventing diabetes, weight gain, and high levels of cholesterol.